Anne Alimes

Communication Specialist



(949) 478-4484

Meet Anne Alimes, our accomplished Communication Specialist at Cognitive Diagnostic Associates. With an impressive background and years of experience, Anne plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless communication and interaction within our organization and is your first point of contact.

Anne brings a wealth of expertise from her extensive tenure in the medical field. For three years, she served as dedicated personnel for a prominent Psychotherapy clinic based in Arizona. During her time there, Anne handled a spectrum of responsibilities, including answering incoming calls and responding to inquiries from potential and existing clients. Her skills extend to email management, scheduling appointments, and coordinating appointment cancellations as needed. Anne’s commitment to efficiency was evident through her proficiency in orchestrating patient appointments and facilitating seamless communication between patients and providers.

In addition to her significant experience in the medical realm, Anne’s versatile skills shine through her previous work with JP Morgan Chase & Co fraud department. Her ability to handle complex and sensitive matters with a high degree of professionalism speaks to her capability and poise under pressure.

With a solid foundation in medical administration, Anne’s dedication to effective communication and her adeptness at multitasking make her a valuable asset to our team. Her experience in managing diverse responsibilities, her skillful handling of confidential information, and her passion for ensuring optimal client interactions highlight her dedication to excellence in her role as a Communication Specialist.